Studio Hygiene

We’re stepping up our cleaning regularly and keeping up to date with what the State recommends. Below is how we’re asking members to clean the studio.

Member Cleaning Tasks

  1. Clean your workspace to remove clay per usual. 
  2. Clean community tools and place tools in a bleach bucket for 5 minute minimum to sanitize them.
  3. Clean all equipment and throwing buckets you used with spray bleach solution spray and wipe with disposable paper towel, to remove germs. (This includes the wheels, tables, slab roller, extruder, walls/windows behind wheels.) 
  4. Use spray sanitizer on everything in #3. Let it air dry. Do not wipe.
  5. Exit the studio through the overflow room door. 

In addition to this, we’re cleaning frequently touched areas (door handles, sink faucets, bucket lids, light switches, etc) every 2 hours.

Please bring your mask and wear it over your nose and mouth for the duration of your time in the studio and building. We will also be asking everyone who comes into the studio about symptoms of COCID-19, contact with anyone who has potentially tested positive and travel to states currently experiencing high rates of the virus. We will be taking the temperature of everyone who comes into the studio as well.