Independent Memberships

The Clay School is looking toward another change. As we watch our community’s COVID cases increase and students return to life in Ithaca, it’s apparent that our studio may not return to normal operations until we find a vaccine for the virus. As of Sept. 4, appointments will end, and a limited number of memberships will start for people who have experience with clay. These membership options include in-studio and at-home scenarios. This will continue until we feel safe running the studio at full capacity. All programming will commence after the current class session ends on Sept. 12. Please view the membership options on page two and respond via email or in person to secure one of these options. There is limited capacity for each version.

Please reach out to us before purchasing to ensure there is space in the memberships for you.

Basic Membership $150/mo

*Experience required*

One shelf space for independent students is rented by the month and includes the following:   

A day/B day, 24 hr STUDIO ACCESS


A DAYs (Mon,Tues,Sat) access


B DAYs (Thur,Fri,Sun) access

  • limit 3 bags of clay per month
  • Includes glazing
  • Staff loads and unloads firings

Co-Op Membership $200/mo

*Experience required*

The next level of membership at The Clay School provides the following in addition to or in place of the Basic Membership description listed to the left:

  • 24 hour access
  • additional cone 6 clay bodies
  • no clay quantity limit
  • more shelf space
  • liberty to mix your own cone 6 glazes. 
  • group kiln firings
  • exclusive access of two private co-op rooms in addition to shared studio space

At Home

*Experience required*

w/ studio and glaze access $100/mo


  • limit 3 bags of clay per month

At Home Firing Only $50/mo

  • no glaze included
  • drop-off WEDNESDAYS 10-4 
  • Clayscapes, the glaze brand we mostly mix in the studio, sells these glazes in brushable form. Another brand of brushable glazes that co op members have had good results from is Potters Choice. Whatever glazes you use at home must be formulated for CONE 6 firing, not 06. There is a difference in the  firing temperature of these two cone numbers. 


We know you’ve asked, so now we have it starting Sept 4th. $40/mo limit of 10 wheels.