Independent Memberships

The Clay School offers many options for independent studio memberships. However, they are currently paused. If you’re interested in becoming a studio member, please email our studio manager.

Basic Membership will cost $150/mo

*Experience required*

One shelf space for independent students is rented by the month and includes the following:   

  • a shelf of your own, 24″wide X 24″deep X 18″tall   
  • all your glaze and firing   
  • access to the space during studio hours, with the exception of closed classes (currently Thursday nights during teaching sessions)   
  • If you need clay, you may purchase it through the studio and are limited to 75 pounds per month.  25 pound bags are available for the following cost: $25/bag new clay, $15/bag recycled clay.   
  • Our golden rule is no outside clay or glazes. We use Laguna #55, a white stoneware.   
  • If you are a new renter, you MUST contact us before subscribing.   
  • Billing date is based on your activation date. Your payment is due at the time of registration (link below), which is also the start date for your shelf rental. (example: Oct. 14) The rental period ends the same day of the following month (example: Nov. 14).    
  • Your subscription will be automatically renewed and payment deducted from your account each month. You can deactivate your subscription through PayPal at anytime. If you deactivate after your renewed month (example: Nov. 15), you WILL BE CHARGED for the month.    
  • You are responsible for turning off automatic payments to Clay School for your shelf rental through paypal. Clay School DOES NOT have access to your paypal account and will not offer refunds for failure to terminate payments.
  • A $20 service fee will be charged if you do not clear off your shelf by the end of your rental term.
  • Absolutely no outside clay, glazes, plaster or wax.   
  • Shelf rental cannot be shared.   
  • A form will be placed on your shelf at the beginning of your rental and must be signed, agreeing to these terms. 

Basic Membership + Scholarship Donation

Subscribe below for a basic membership plus a monthly $5 donation to the scholarship fund for a monthly charge of $155.

Co-Op Membership will cost $200/mo

*Experience required*

The next level of membership at The Clay School provides the following in addition to or in place of the Basic Membership description listed to the left:

  • 24 hour access
  • additional cone 6 clay bodies
  • no clay quantity limit
  • more shelf space
  • liberty to mix your own cone 6 glazes. 
  • group kiln firings
  • exclusive access of two private co-op rooms in addition to shared studio space

Please contact our studio manager before subscribing to the link below.

Co-Op + Scholarship Donation

Subscribe below for a Co-Op membership plus a monthly $5 donation to the scholarship fund for a monthly charge of $205.

PARTner Membership will cost $175/mo

*Experience required*

Do you and a special young person want to work together at The Clay School? You could be pARTners! 

A pARTner shelf is perfect for someone who already has an independent shelf rental and or a solid foundation in ceramics and a working knowledge of the Clay School policies and who has a special young person in their life, age 8-12, who would like to be working with you in the studio in a supervised way. 

For $175 per month share a shelf and up to 100lbs of clay per month between the two pARTners. You are required to accompany your young partner at all times in the studio. All benefits of basic membership apply to this membership.

*Experience is required 

*If you’re a new renter, you must contact the studio before signing up.

pARTner + Scholarship Donation

Subscribe below for a pARTner membership plus a monthly $5 donation to the scholarship fund for a monthly charge of $180.