How long does it take to make one piece of pottery?

On average, it takes 2 weeks. A piece is created with moist clay, then dried completely. For 30 hours of heating and cooling, it will go through a “bisque” firing (1800 degrees). Then a glaze is applied and the piece enters a second 30 hour firing at a higher temperature (2200).

I want to sign up for a 7 week term, but I know I will miss one class during that time. Will I be able to attend another class to make it up?

Yes. Please contact the studio manager after the term starts for available seating.

Can I make a dinner set for my sister’s wedding?

If your sister’s wedding is in 2 months, and this is your first class, probably not. But if your sister is getting married in 1-2 years, and you keep taking classes, it is possible!

I paid for a 7 week term and only have taken one class but because of a family/work emergency, I have to drop out. Can I have a refund?

Our return policy is firm, so you won’t be able to get a refund. But you can use your remaining credit towards a future term.

If my friend signs up with me, can we get a discount?

We don’t offer discounts other than the Local First Ithaca coupon book (5% off) and returning student discounts (5% off). Our offerings are set at the lowest possible price to make them accessible to as many people as possible.

Can I have a birthday party or special event at The Clay School?

Sure can. Contact the studio manager to schedule a date with details such as: number of participants and project requests (wheel or handbuilding). Minimum number of four participants and maximum of 14. Parties in the studio are for ages 7+. Please request date at least 2 weeks in advance.

Can I just show up and use the studio space for a day?

Unfortunately, the open studio hours are for members and students only. But you can schedule a lesson or special event with a teacher by contacting the studio manager through our website.

I don’t want to commit to a 7 week term of classes but I’m a total beginner. What are my options?

Our 2 hour “Try-It” wheel workshop is offered monthly for people who want to try out the wheel before committing to a class. The workshop may have a max of 10 students participating. The cost of the workshop will go toward your 7 week class if you decide to join afterwards. We also offer private lessons.