Create Your Own Event

If interested, please contact our studio manager. clayschoolithaca@gmail.com

​Private Events:  

A private event is perfect for Girl Scout troops, birthday parties, bridesmaid parties, club events, etc.

All private events are hosted on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 5pm and 8pm and are available for parties of 5-14. The maximum number of participants is 14 for handbuilding and 10 for wheel events.

Your most successful lead time for planning an event is 4 weeks or more. We need to make sure there is no other event scheduled for that time and find a teacher (s) to lead your event.

But, shoot us an email or call (business hours) and ask for our studio manager. We will do our best to make your event happen. 607-882-2535.

Events require a minimum of 5 participants.

Wheel based — 5-10 people $45 per person

Handbuilding — 5-8 people $45 per person

Handbuilding — 9-14 people $30 per person

This price includes use of space, instruction, materials, and one piece per person finished by our staff, fired and packaged for pick up by the event organizer approximately 2 weeks after your event.

If you are from outside of Ithaca, your pieces can be shipped to each participant directly (within the U. S.) for an additional $15 per person.